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Flow Measurement

Flow measurement and control

We cooperate with the world first-class enterprise and provide our customers with higher precision flow testing method and pressure/flow control method.

(一)Flow test
Select the appropriate method of flow measurement
Select suitable instruments - Select the appropriate method of flow measurement and select suitable instruments.

Key points of flow meter selection:
        1, Confirm the measuring medium
        2, Confirm the working pressure and working temperature
        3, Confirm the flow rate
        4, Other requirements (data output, display, waterproof, etc.)

(二)Flow control

The control of pressure and flow rate has been developed from a mechanical single point of control to the automatic control.The change of pressure and flow no longer depend on the open circuit or close circuit or manual adjustment. The specified value or required curves can be given with the help of IPC or PLC, and continuous pressure or flow rate changes can be realized by the control units according to your instructions.And that need is only a pneumatic component.

The contradiction between large flow and low pressure has been completely solved by electrical control system. Under the pressure of 0.5kPa, the flow can reach more than 100 L/min.

Ultra-high pressure control of 42MPa has been realized through electrical control system .

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